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Crop Accessories


Tomato plant ground support

It’s a U 60x50x60 cm. shaped support made of 6 mm. thick galvanized rod used in unhanged tomato ground crop. As the tomato plant is unhanged as it grows, it lays on this support to avoid the plant stem to contact the ground.


Hanging crop lattice

Lattice conformed by 6 mm. corrugated bars curved in V shape to hold the hanging crop.


Hanging Crop Support

Conformed by a 6 mm. thick galvanized Steel rod they are used for hanging crops (strawberries, etc.) and holds the gutters where lays the substrate.


Raffia “Guita”

Used to hold vertical high crops inside the greenhouse (tomatoes, peppers, cucumber, courgette, etc.) A part from keeping the plant vertical it holds its weight. It’s sold in black 5 kg. rolls.