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C.M. Villegas Moreno S.L. manufactures and assembles flat greenhouses, "mesh houses" and "raspa y amagado" style greenhouses, designing the structures and adapting them to the grower needs. With over 25 years of experience in the greenhouse sector, we supply all the greenhouse components manufacturing with strict quality standards, adapting the latest ventilation, climate control, rainwater evacuation and screens to our structures.


Based in western Almería, where the first “under plastic” crops were grown in the early 70’s, our company has been ahead of the manufacture and development of the "raspa y amagado greenhouses" and "mesh houses".


Our corporative philosophy is based in manufacturing high quality structures able to cover the grower needs joining a competitive price along with high quality materials.

A highly qualified engineering department with wide experience in the design and manufacture of every component involved in greenhouses.

Proximity to growers and a right resolution of his common problems lets us innovate and turn these solutions into better design of all our structures.