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Rainwater collection


Gutter Hooks

They can be simple or for double roof. The simple ones hang from the structure braids and those for double roof carry 1 or 2 rings that push down the hook a few centimeters towards the ground to make it easy to assembly a double roof.


Types of Galvanized Gutter

Sendzimir galvanized and lacquered. These gutters are made of sendzimir galvanized steel. Having the lacquered ones a longer lifespan.


Plastic Gutter

With strings: they are made out of White 1200 gauges polyethylene with side strings.

Without strings: They are made out of yellow 900 gauges polyethylene without side strings. The strings are added afterwards to clip the gutter to the wires.



Drains are used when the greenhouse is very long or it’s installed in a rainy area. They can be placed in the middle or in the end of the gutter line. There are 2 kinds depending on the material they are made from:

  • Steel sheet: the hole has a diameter of 114 mm.
  • Fiber: the hole has a diameter of 160 mm.