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Their main function is to anchor the greenhouse to the ground. They are made of steel rod and hot dipped galvanized. They have a diameter between 14 and 16 mm. There are several kinds:

Small Anchor

Used in small diameter holes.

Medium Anchor

Used in drilled holes of 7,5-9 cm. of diameter. Deeper than the holes for the small anchor.

Big Anchor

Used in holes of approximately 30 cm, of diameter not very deep.

Large Anchor

Used in joist greenhouses perimeter.

Ratchet Anchor

With one or double ratchet to tense the cables or braids from the structure.

Block Mouse

They normally have a 10 mm. diameter and end un in a U shape. It is founded underneath the concrete block and is attached to the lower part of the tube.

Tube Mouse

They normally are made of 16-20 mm. diameter corrugated steel bar and have a steel piece to hold the lower part of the 60, 70 or 90 mm. diameter steel tube.