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Miniwave Steel sheet

This kind of sheet can be bent, what allows it to be used in the warehouse roofs. There are 2 kinds depending on the finish:

  • Galvanized
  • Lacquered in various colors (White, Green, blue, etc.)

Corrugated Steel sheet

This sheet presents a patterned cut profile that strengthens it and is used in warehouse perimeter and roof. It’s lacquered in various colors (White, Green, blue, etc.)



  • Cellular. It’s a sheet composed by 2 or more thin walls joined by inner perpendicular walls creating a cell structure that makes it a good solution as thermal isolation. It usually is colorless or translucent and it’s thickness goes from 4 to 10 mm. It’s used to cover doors, as wall closing for sanitary chambers, etc.
  • Miniwave. It’s normally used as transparency for warehouse roofs. It usually is colorless or translucent.
  • Omega shaped. It forms waves with omega shape and it’s used in multitunnel greenhouses and warehouses. In greenhouses it will be colorless or translucent while in warehouses will be colorless or translucent when used as transparency for roofs and white opaque in every elsewhere.
  • Trapezoidal. Used as transparency for flat or gabled roofs covered with corrugated steel sheet.

Plastic film

We can offer plastic to be used in greenhouse closings, double roofs, disinfection, etc.


Brico Hercules.

Lattice panel that can have galvanized or color finish. Designed for fences that require a good looking finish apart from a great resistance.


Moving Fence Panel

Galvanized lattice panels used for temporary fencing.


Electrowelded Corrugated Steel Lattice

Flat lattice conformed by galvanized rod electro welded, they are used to fence fixed to structures. They come in different gap sizes, 50x50 mm., 100x50 mm., 150x50 mm. and the rods have a thickness of 5 mm. The size of the panels is 1,5x2,6 m.


Knotted Fence

Metallic fence supported by posts. These fences are mainly used for cattle.


Simple Torsion Fence

Diamond gap shaped fence sewn with only one torsión wire, it can have galvanized or green color finish. It comes in different kinds 1x25 m., 1,5x25 m. and 2x25 m., all of them 50/16.


Triple Torsion Fence

Also known as henhouse fence, its holes have hexagonal shape. Sewn with 2 galvanized wires joint forming three torsions in inverse sense.



They are reinforcements for the beginning of the fences and corners. They have a diameter of 48 mm. and different lengths 1,35, 1,85 and 2,4 m.


48 mm. Diameter Fence Post

Galvanized vertical tubes to which the wires that hold the fences are attached. They come in the following lengths: 1,35, 1,85 and 2,4 m.


Fence Tensor

Used to apply tensión to the wires that support the fence. They are placed in the beginning of the fences and corners or intermediate posts if the fence is very long. They commonly are No. 3 tensors.



Very low permeability synthetic membrane liner or barrier. They are used in pools, water reserves, lakes, etc.