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Raspa y Amagado Greenhouse

It’s the common kind of greenhouse in Almería (it can also be called Almería Style Greenhouse), it has a gable roof and appeared as a solution to evacuate water in the old flat greenhouse structures so it didn’t fall inside the greenhouse producing illness and washing the soil and it’s nutrients, as well as having air renovation through roof windows.

The gable roof has the ridges called raspa made by wire braid on top of galvanized steel tubes and the valleys called amagados that have steel forks buried in the ground with a vertical wire braid tied and pulling down from the roof one to make the valley. In the valley bottom are placed the gutters.

Recommended Use:

This kind of greenhouse is valid for mild climates.

Its design makes it resistant to strong winds as long as the ridge lines are orientated perpendicular to the main wind directions.


  • Simple greenhouse with a good relationship between quality and price.
  • Great air volume over the crop that gives a bigger thermal inertia, elevating the night temperature and fewer differences of temperature and humidity between night and day and between seasons.
  • Good isolation from rain and wind, that lowers the inner humidity levels in rainy days and eases the climate control.
  • Large inner spaces free from obstacles.
  • Allows the assembly of roof ventilation in the ridge that helps to maintain the desired temperature inside the greenhouse.
  • Better illness and plague control thanks to its hermeticity.
  • Better effects of integrated bio pest control since it keeps the helpful insects from escaping the greenhouse.
  • It allows the assembly of wiring to support the crop lines.
  • Easy assembly of accessories for climatic control to the galvanized steel tubes used in its structure.