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Greenhouse tubes

They are hot dipped galvanized.


Center Tubes

They normally have a diameter between 76 and 90 mm. and are used in the center part of the greenhouse. Their length goes from 2,5 to 5 m.


Perimeter Tubes

They normally have a 90 mm. diameter in the perimeter walls and 114 mm. diameter in each corner. Their length goes from 2,5 to 4 m.


Accessories (Ends and Rods)

Ends are used to avoid water getting inside the tubes, as a guide to the structure braids and to avoid the ripping of the plastic or mesh against the tube.

Ends are for tubes with 90, 76, 60 or 48 mm. diameter.

Rods are used to attach the perimeter braids and wires, structure and crop support wires to the tubes or as a founding anchor for the tubes and mouses.


Valley Tubes

They have a diameter of 30 mm. and are used to protect the braid that goes from the gutter to the anchor in the ground and a support for the crop support wires.